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Children’s Worship

Ages 3 year old to 6th grade

Every Sunday 9:30am and 11am


Children from birth through 6th grade meet in an age appropriate small group setting where they learn Bible stories and do life application activities. Growth Group teachers are selected based on their love of Jesus and their love for children. You can be sure that your child will feel the love of God as they enter friendships with their peers, their teacher and Jesus Christ. 

Ages 3 - K    Mary Mast, LL#8

Grades 1 - 2    Mariann Leis & Annie Leis, LL#11

Grades 3 - 6, girls    Stacey McWethy, LL#14

Grades 3 - 6, boys    Dawn Field, LL#12



Children begin the Worship Service with their family in the Family Life Center. The service begins with praise and prayer. Then, when Pastor excuses them, all children age 2 through 6th grade are excused for Children’s Church. The children worship through songs, crafts, drama, and games that help them better understand God’s love for them and the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ages 2 - K    Divided into small groups

Grades 1 - 2    Multipurpose room, UL#7

Safety Measures: All teachers are required to submit to a thorough background check. In addition, all teachers attend training and regular meetings.
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