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Olivet's Extension Site Program:

Olivet Nazarene University is grounded in faith. Not just in a historical way, but as a relevant force in what we do today. Olivet Nazarene University’s mission is to equip you for lives of service to God and humanity. And that mission is not limited to Bourbonnais, Illinois. Through ONU PLUS, Olivet proudly partners with Clare church of the Nazarene and others around the country to better suit the needs in our community. 

Carrie Nageotte

ONU AT CLARE  Site Director

(989) 386-3381

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Along with receiving a fully-accredited degree, you will also receive practicum experience through ONU PLUS. Throughout the program, each degree will allow students to gain practical knowledge through internships which count for up to three credit hours per semester. This amounts to 8-10 weekly hours of first hand leadership, ministry, and workplace experience.

Our program gives you a low-or no-debt path to earning a four-year accredited degree in a community setting, while also providing practical experience every semester, intentional leadership development, robust spiritual guidance, and the support of an on-site director.


Why Choose ONU AT CLARE?

Life Flexibility

Earn your degree while experiencing a close-knit college community, having the ability to live at home, work a part-time job and be involved in the areas of life that are most important to you!

Reduced Tuition

Earn 30 credit hours a year for a flat cost of $10,000 (with full access to federal student aid)!

Community Model

Be apart of a cohort of students on CCN campus, learning side by side, attending small group activities, participating in live chapels, doing life together, all while receiving the support of your on-site director!

Practical Training

Get your feet wet in your career path from day one of your college experience… practicum/internship begins freshman year!

Initial Degrees Offered

Bachelors Degrees (4-year)

BA - Business

BA - Christian Ministry

BA - Computing Technology

BS - Child Development

BS - Computer Science - Networking & Data Communications

BS - Computer Science - Software Development

BS - Computer Science - Software Entrepreneurship

BS - Cybersecurity

BS - Early Childhood Education

Pre-Major Courses

– Actuarial Science       – Psychology

– Communication         – Mathematics

– Data Science

Future Potential

- Bachelor in Criminal Justice

- Bachelor in Digital Media

- Pre-Major in Engineering

- And More!


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Schedule a

Campus Visit

Apply to


Enroll, attend classes,

get practical experience, and be coached by our local team.

Graduate with an

accredited degree,

low (or no) debt

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Who should apply to ONU AT CLARE?

ONU AT CLARE is for all high school graduates/ soon to be high school graduates and interested young adults who are interested in pursuing a 4 year degree from a fully accredited university, while staying connected to their local community, and avoiding the weight of heavy school debt.

What does a typical week look like at ONU AT CLARE?

Students have scheduled classes and academic activities for approximately 3-4 days per week to work on coursework and engage in community formation. Students will also participate in practicum experiences, gaining practical experience in their field of study, as well as small groups, and other student activities coordinated at CCN.

Who is teaching the classes?

Olivet Faculty! ONU has been providing online education for over 20 years. Classes are dynamic online courses with a higher level of professor interaction and engagement in the course.  There will be videos, live video conference sessions, and interactive office hours. In addition, each course includes a 1-hour weekly live class session with the professor for full engagement.

Can I transfer credits?

Dual-credit or college-level credits earned require that a student submits all transcripts prior to acceptance for an official review process. Yes, any credits from a regionally accredited college or university would generally transfer. Learn more

How can I pay for ONU AT CLARE

Students who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant and Federal Direct Loan programs. (Olivet’s federal school code is 001741). Additionally, monthly payment plans are available to many students with out-of-pocket tuition costs.

How can I apply?

Students are admitted in either the fall (classes begin in August) or spring (classes begin in January) semesters. Click here to submit an interest form. Click here to submit a program application.

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